Scrap Metal Recycling

For a Cleaner Environment

East Jordan Auto Parts, Inc. provides competitive pricing for all scrap iron and metals. Nearly all of our iron and steel products are used to supply local industry with an important raw material. We're committed to local city and county recycling programs which help assist in sound recycling practices. Local pickups are available by appointment, WRECKER SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO HAUL YOUR SCRAP CAR.
Please call for current scrap prices.

Auto Sales and Supplies

Please contact us for information concerning our vehicle sales and used parts availability. We have the lowest prices on automotive lubricants and supplies featuring Shell Rotella T oil®.

Airgas® Industrial Gas and Supplies

Providing Services to our Customers

Airgas®, the largest distributor of industrial gases and related equipment and supplies, is available through East Jordan Auto Parts, Inc. This includes cutting oxygen, acetylene, and welding gas cylinders.

On Site CFC Recovery

Protecting our Environment

We provide complete recycling of all obsolete household appliances, including refrigerators. On site CFC (refrigerant gas) recovery is utilized to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Our Location

We service the community from our home in East Jordan, MI. We are located at 824 Maple St., East Jordan, MI 49727